Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Week For Show at Sandstone

April 2 is the last day to see my exhibition at Sandstone Gallery in Laguna Beach. I'll be at the gallery on Saturday, Mar 31. Please stop by anytime from 12-5. I'd love to see you and catch up on news and events. The gallery is open every day except Tuesday and by appointment, at any time.  Lynn

These three paintings are spotlighted in the show.

"Community"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"Parallel World"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"Time"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"My art is not about what I see but 
everything I have seen and can imagine."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photos from Opening Night...

I am always excited to greet friends and visitors at the First Thursday Art Walk. I hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures of the event.

Laguna Cliffside was painted during a winter rainstorm. Notice the blue water
running down the hill between the houses. The sky is clearing behind the tree line.

I love it when my former students from the high school come to see my shows.

Skyline 1 & 2 with Mirage at the left -- mixed media paintings. 

"Community", "Parallel Worlds" and "Time" are mixed media paintings
created with acrylic, textured rice paper and watercolor pencil.

My art is not about what I see but
everything I have seen and can imagine.