Friday, September 6, 2013

On Their Way to Sedona

Three new paintings are on their way to Gallery of Modern Masters in Sedona. Located in the Hillside Center, front and center on Hwy 179, the gallery features paintings, sculpture, glass and wind sculptures. You can easily spot it from the highway just south of the bridge and turnaround into town.

River Runs Through 

River Runs Through 36x24, is an acrylic painting on canvas. I am often inspired to use the red rocks of the Sedona area in my imagined narrative landscapes. If you look closely, you can see horse shapes to the right of the steps and, below the cliffs, ancient structures of people who have come before.

Ribbons of Reflection and Canyon Symphony

Ribbons of Reflection and Canyon Symphony 30x24, are also acrylic on canvas. Although these works are more abstracted, they still reflect the red rock landscape of Arizona. Using only a flat 1" brush and mostly primary acrylic colors, I was satisfied with the result of this lively pair of bright, angular, geometric paintings. 

Gallery of Modern Masters
671 Hwy 179
Sedona, AZ 86336

For further questions please contact 
Lynn Welker or Gallery of Modern Masters