Monday, August 20, 2012

Progression of a painting...

Sometimes I keep a photo record of a painting in progress. This is an experimental piece created by pressing dried eucalyptus branches into wet modeling paste. The art paste medium was applied to each canvas before the leaves were pressed in place. After the paste stiffened a bit, I removed the plants and continued the drying overnight. Then the surface was sanded and sealed with multiple coats of white gesso.

In order to see the shapes created, I brush on a watered down wash of black paint. The pigment settles into groves showing random patterns and textures. Wiping away some paint on the flat surface brings white back creating contrast and making it easier to visualize a path into the painting.

Now it is time to start adding color while defining 
shapes that are inspired by nature.

And...the painting gradually emerges to become...

Autumn Pond
24" x 36" Diptych on gallery wrap canvas


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Horse Canyon Abstracts

A small pair of Horse Canyon paintings are now hanging in a client's home in Jackson. I love creating highly textured, imaginary landscapes of cliffs and canyons. The introduction of abstracted, stylized horses adds traditional symbols from the wild west. You can view more with a similar theme on

 Common Ground (48x48) is the largest canyon painting I have created. The addition of multiple horses and riders adds the 
element of humanity to this imagined canyon in the southwest.