Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Enjoy 12 months of original abstract narrative paintings 
with this 5.5"x5" stand-up CD case calendar.

$24.00 includes shipping and sales tax. Contact me directly at or by phone at 949.290.1775 
to purchase this year's calendar.

To view these paintings and more information go to

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing everyone the happiest of holiday seasons 
with all the best for a healthy and peaceful New Year 2013!

Friday, November 30, 2012


They're here...the final four days of my exhibition on Gallery Row at Sandstone.

The weather forecast is for drizzle and cloudy skies in 
SoCal so it is a perfect opportunity to visit Laguna Beach 
to see great contemporary art!

Imagined Narratives through Dec 3

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Opening Reception Pictures

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Laguna Beach First Thursday Art Walk on Nov 1. The streets were crowded due to Gallery Row's popularity as a prime destination for art lovers. And, Sandstone Gallery always shines with its offering of original contemporary art suitable for a variety of sophisticated collectors.  

Pictures from my exhibition in the Skylight Room

Paintings will be shown three more weeks, thru Monday, Dec 3.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vertical Peaks Fine Art FB Page

POSTED 10-28-12

@Lynn Welker is one of our outstanding artists represented here at Vertical Peaks. She is a mixed media, abstract narrative landscape painter. With the various texturing mediums of oil and acrylic on canvas and paper, she is able to beautifully and imaginatively take us to places beyond where can go ourselves, or where even a lot of other artists can take us. These places are mystical, spiritual, historical, and have a sense of a new reality within old or even ancient pasts. Going on a journey to these places, via Lynn’s talent, is always a joy, and frequently a healing experience. Recently a woman, visiting our gallery, was drawn to one of Lynn’s pieces and just stood staring at it for quite some time. When asked what she saw in this piece she replied, “I guess that I see me but in a better place.” Hmmmm. That probably says it all. Lynn has an upcoming exhibition in November at Sandstone Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. The dates are October 31st, through December 3rd, with the opening reception on November 1st, during the Laguna Beach monthly Art Walk. The theme of the exhibition is “Imagined Narratives”. All of the paintings can be viewed by browsing the events calendar on the Western Art & Architecture website. Here is photo of Lynn at the gallery alongside her painting entitled “Days End”. Good work, Lynn. You rock!

Day's End and the horses go back to the barn           32x26 framed 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


You are invited to the opening reception on Nov 1st at Sandstone Gallery in Laguna Beach. Sandstone is located on Historic Gallery Row next to the Pottery Barn at Jasmine and N Pacific Coast Hwy. Parking is available throughout the neighborhood. Gallery hours are 12-5 every day except Tues and by appointment at anytime throughout the exhibition. Stop by...I'd love to see you!

Preview the artwork at Western Art & Architecture Magazine

Thursday, October 4, 2012


After a visit to the frame shop, my banner painting, "Common Ground" is hanging in its new home in Clovis, CA. Here it is at Art & Frame Express ready to wrap up for shipping.

Paul and Dan, owners of Art & Frame Express, have been in business for many years
at 1609 Monrovia Ave in Costa Mesa, CA. They are the BEST for all framing needs!

Now, having arrived at its destination, "Common Ground" is enjoyed daily by its new owner, her family and friends. One of my great pleasures as a visual artist (and there are many) is bringing a new element of joy into the lives of my clients through the creation of one-of-a-kind imagined narratives. Click here to see many more.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Progression of a painting...

Sometimes I keep a photo record of a painting in progress. This is an experimental piece created by pressing dried eucalyptus branches into wet modeling paste. The art paste medium was applied to each canvas before the leaves were pressed in place. After the paste stiffened a bit, I removed the plants and continued the drying overnight. Then the surface was sanded and sealed with multiple coats of white gesso.

In order to see the shapes created, I brush on a watered down wash of black paint. The pigment settles into groves showing random patterns and textures. Wiping away some paint on the flat surface brings white back creating contrast and making it easier to visualize a path into the painting.

Now it is time to start adding color while defining 
shapes that are inspired by nature.

And...the painting gradually emerges to become...

Autumn Pond
24" x 36" Diptych on gallery wrap canvas


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Horse Canyon Abstracts

A small pair of Horse Canyon paintings are now hanging in a client's home in Jackson. I love creating highly textured, imaginary landscapes of cliffs and canyons. The introduction of abstracted, stylized horses adds traditional symbols from the wild west. You can view more with a similar theme on

 Common Ground (48x48) is the largest canyon painting I have created. The addition of multiple horses and riders adds the 
element of humanity to this imagined canyon in the southwest.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


If you have not been to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, put it on your list! What a place to absorb the wonder and beauty of nature. This is one of my favorite photos from a visit last June.

People from around the world visit Vertical Peaks Fine Art, the gallery in Jackson that reps my work. A woman from Oyster Bay, NY recently stopped in and bought Horse Canyon. That was fun since my father-in-law's family had a summer house in Oyster Bay. I hope she enjoys her abstracted western landscape painting for many years!

You can see many more photos on the video I made in 2011. If you have 3 minutes...check it out here!  Enjoy...

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5 Reception

It was a lovely, cool July evening for the Laguna Beach Art Walk last night. As usual, the streets were crowded with tourists and locals checking out the art on historic Gallery Row. Visitors to Sandstone Gallery enjoyed the traditional punch and gourmet cookies while viewing my exhibition, "Inspired by Nature".

View these new paintings and many more that are posted and available on the GALLERY PAGE at

It was a wonderful evening. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Sandstone Gallery at 384 N Coast Hwy. I'd love to see you this summer!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July in Laguna Beach

Just in case you missed blast for my featured exhibition. 

Step into my world of imagined landscapes based on 
context of layers seemingly created by erosion, 
sedimentation or layering of the effects of time.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All Media Opening Reception

The CAP Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Wells Fargo Bank is an inventive way to bring together commerce and fine art. While viewing these artworks, you get a sense of the noise and activity from the bank below. Though it is not intrusive, the open center space allows the interaction of these two worlds. Designed in the round and bordered by brass railings, the space is vaguely reminiscent of the Guggenheim in NYC. 

That's my painting, "Edge of a Dream", to the right of the man in the blue shirt.

Beautiful marble stairway with brass railings throughout.

FACEBOOK:       Lynn Welker Fine Art

Friday, May 25, 2012

All Media Art Show - Laguna

Visit the CAP Gallery in downtown Laguna Beach on the 2nd floor of the Wells Fargo Bank Bldg. Just a few steps from Main Beach and favorite local restaurants, you'll find a collection of outstanding artwork in varied media by OC artists. Free bank-only parking in the back between Ocean and Broadway.

That's my painting on the postcard. 
Here it is a bit larger for more careful viewing. 

"Edge of a Dream"  30x40  acrylic on canvas

My art is not what I see but everything
I have seen and can imagine.

Lynn Welker Fine Art

Monday, April 30, 2012

Companion painting finished!

My art is not what I see but everything 
I have seen and can imagine.

The companion painting to my last posted work is now finished and approved by my client. Appaloosa and Following the Shaman will hang over her living room fireplace. She has since told me, when she was a young child, her father would take her on their Appaloosa horse to feed the animals in the fields of the family farm. I thought you might enjoy seeing how the paintings look together.

I so enjoyed using these colors...the cool mossy greens and grays balanced with the warmth of the siennas and ochres. I'm not ready to leave this palette so I think I will paint my next abstracts using these colors for inspiration.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Commission painting completed...

Occasionally, a potential collector will come along who falls in love with my work. For some reason, the size or color is not just right, or, the subject is not exactly her favorite she has seen in the past. This has been the case with a woman in south Orange County I met a couple of years ago at Art Walks in Laguna Beach. We have visited casually several times. Honestly, I felt I knew just what she wanted over her living room fireplace. So, I painted "Following the Shaman", just for her. And, I was correct...she loves it! And, in addition, I am working on a companion piece to hang alongside. I hope you enjoy seeing this painting.

Following the Shaman                                                                                         acrylic on canvas

Sometimes people ask me...what is your inspiration for so many paintings with a Native American theme? Well, ever since I left Ohio and moved west, I have had an irresistible attraction to the past and present of the American Southwest. While painting "Following the Shaman", I was reading The Mind in the Cave by David Lewis-Williams. Although the book discusses at length, the intelligence of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man and the limitations and benefits of their neurological makeup, it also talks extensively of Shamanic behavior recorded on ancient rock wall paintings. I believe the figures, shapes and colors in this painting capture the mysterious, spiritual world of the shaman as he interacts with the people he serves.

"My art is not about what I see but 
everything I have seen or can imagine."

Shaman                                       acrylic on paper

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Week For Show at Sandstone

April 2 is the last day to see my exhibition at Sandstone Gallery in Laguna Beach. I'll be at the gallery on Saturday, Mar 31. Please stop by anytime from 12-5. I'd love to see you and catch up on news and events. The gallery is open every day except Tuesday and by appointment, at any time.  Lynn

These three paintings are spotlighted in the show.

"Community"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"Parallel World"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"Time"   Mixed Media on Paper   28x25 framed

"My art is not about what I see but 
everything I have seen and can imagine."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photos from Opening Night...

I am always excited to greet friends and visitors at the First Thursday Art Walk. I hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures of the event.

Laguna Cliffside was painted during a winter rainstorm. Notice the blue water
running down the hill between the houses. The sky is clearing behind the tree line.

I love it when my former students from the high school come to see my shows.

Skyline 1 & 2 with Mirage at the left -- mixed media paintings. 

"Community", "Parallel Worlds" and "Time" are mixed media paintings
created with acrylic, textured rice paper and watercolor pencil.

My art is not about what I see but
everything I have seen and can imagine.